Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Videos Up!

Hey all.  I just put up 4 new videos on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/user/sharmaine369 I posted a video about dry eyeshadow vs wet eyeshadow, how to cure your dry lips (if you have em) with vasaline and a toothbrush, my daily makeup routine, and a mall haul.  So yeah I am trying to post more videos up on the weekend, I cant do anything during the week because school is soo hectic.  So yeah umm..I am going to the mall AGAIN this weekend (2 weeks in a row) so I should have another mall haul video up soon.  What else? Oh yeah!! I just brought my first steam hair rollers "Caruso" and I am super xcited to talk about them and show how I use them.  So yeah that is it..bout to finish some homework..Peaccee ^-^

-Compliments of Sharmaine369 ♥

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