Saturday, February 20, 2010

Self Relaxers: Here are some tips

So I made a video on some tips for self relaxers and I wanted to put those tips here we go

Before Relaxing:

-Avoid scratching your scalp as much as possible.  If you scratch your scalp within a week of relaxing your hair especially if you use a lye relaxer (Mizani, Affirm, etc.) it will burn a lot if you get any relaxer on the scalp, so avoid scratching!!
-Do a few protein treatments before relaxing because it will keep your hairs strength up, therfore when you relax your hair won't be weak when you are done.  Remember: protein is very important in the structure of your hair so skipping this step will result to poor structure especially after relaxing.
-Detangle your hair for a better relaxing experience.  Besides if you don't detangle your hair before relaxing you will most likely be underprocess (not relax).

During the Relaxing Process:

-If you decide to use a lye relaxer make sure you base your scalp with vaseline, oil, any type of protecting agent to prevent scalp burns from the relaxer and as usual apply vasaline around your head and nape to avoid skin irritation.
-Oil your already relaxer hair without getting any oil on your new growth.  Applying oil to your already relaxed hair will prevent overprocessing and damage to the already relaxed hair.
-After applying your relaxer use your fingers or the back of a comb to smooth out the relaxer this results to a much straighter and smoother relaxing results.
-The half and half method is a God send for me! I love this method, it takes a lot of time, but I love it.  So basically all you are doing is relaxing half your head preferbaly the front half first then when you are done applying the relaxer to the half of your hair, rinse the relaxer out.  When you are done relaxing do the other half of the hair, rinse the relaxer off, then proceed to do whatever you normally do.
-Last but not least, the most important part of relaxing your hair is what you do after you rinse the relaxer out of your hair.  Normally what I do is first rinse the relaxer out of my hair without using any shampoo, then I apply a protein treatment, then I neutralize for about 5-6 washes, then I apply a special porosity conditioner to lower the pH of my hair to about 4-4.5, then I deep condition using a lot of moisturizing conditioners under a dryer. 

So yeah I believe those are the most important tips that I can give you to have a great relaxing experience. Hope you enjoyed, here is the video of me talking about it :

-Compliments of Sharmaine369 ♥

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