Monday, January 25, 2010

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

I have been eyeing these cleansing pads for the past 2-3 weeks now and I finally gave in and decided to buy.  So Aveeno claims that the pads gently exfoliates to reveal skin's natural radiance.  One of the key ingredients in the pads is soy which is suppose to help even out the skin tone if there is any discoloration on your face.  The pads have two different textured sides, one smooth and the other with little scrubbies.  So when I first tried the cleansing pads I had make up on my skin, more so on my eyelids.  After wetting my face I used the smooth side of the pad on my face and it began to have a light foamy soapy lather that was very gentle.  The eyeshadow I had on my eyelids wiped right off within a couple of strokes of the pad.  Then I flipped the pad around and began to use the scrubby (exfoliation) side and the little scrubs were not harsh at all, just overall gentle and moisturizing.  Finally, I rinsed my face then applied coconut oil for moisture and voila completo!  Overall I can safely say that I like the cleansing pads a lot because of these keys reasons.
  • The removal of make up from my face was a breeze.
  • Moisture!!
  • Love the double sided pads.
  • Natural soy makes me happy, especially if it's known for bringing radiance to skin.
  • Actually left my face feeling CLEAN!
  • HOWEVER, if you don't follow up with a moisturiser your face may feel a little dry, some facial moisturizer or coconut oil should do the trick!
Overall I like this product and I can't wait to see the longterm results.  Thats it for now..peace!!

-Compliments of Sharmaine369 ♥

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