Monday, January 11, 2010

L'Oreal True Match and Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Cappuccino

Hellooo! Okay so I have been looking for a good foundation for about a month now, but haven't really been buying anything so this past weekend I went to CVS and brought two foundations that I have been hearing good reviews on so i decided to take a plunge into trying out foundations and hopefully giving you all some insight if you are currently in the search for a good foundation.  So lets start with some pictures!

L'Oreal True Match

Revlon Colorstay

Okay so L'Oreal True Match had pretty good coverage and blended very easy almost like silk, it felt good and had more of a cool tone to it.  However the Revlon Colorstay offered great coverage, blended easy (not like silk), and gave me a toasty warm glow that I really liked.  When I first tried the Revlon Colorstay I was a little skeptical because it looks darker then what it really is, but once you blend it in it's like a perfect patch. So yes both foundation are great and if your looking for a pretty good foundation you can't go wrong.    Below is a url to my youtube video where I am doing a mini review on the two products and it also includes more pictures.  So if you want check it out :) Thanks 4 reading!

-Compliments of Sharmaine369

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  1. im a couple shades lighter than you
    what shade of colorstay should i get?